Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hello Universe, I'm Blogging!

Hello guys, i'd like to thank you since you mind to read my very first post on my blog. so, i wanna introduce my self to you, some of you (maybe) have already know me in instagram @invisiblewenn . Yeah, i dedicate my self to blogging because i want to know some of fashion blogger more and more so I can follow their daily activity, to know the most trending outfits and so on.
well, my name is Wenny, but you guys can call me Wenn. I'm 22 years old right now, and im half of employee. I promise i will tell you about my work as soon as possible :)

anyway, why must Twinkle Little Heels? Sounds like a song?
Nooo, i was 'heels' not 'star'! Lol.
Yeah, you know, im a big fans of heels. Whenever i bought a pair of shoes, i always take the smallest size! Every single seller got shock to know that my toes are so small! Lol. Beacause of this reason i made 'Twinkle Little Heels' as my  headline and so my url.

Okay, I think thats all, thank you and nice to meet you! <3

Pardon for my messy hair :p

Hat - Gowigasa
Personalized necklace and bracelet - @wordonwire_id
flare skirt - @yuanclothing 
Soiree Heel - Jeffrey Campbell
Pashli Satchel - Phillip Lim

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