Thursday, 20 March 2014

Cloudy Day

I love using the cute stuff with cute pattern. Lately I am freak with houndstooth and stripe pattern. You know, I have pants, skirts, shoes and also the shirt with that pattern. Its looking nice and cool. But now, I just found the new fav pattern. Guess what?

enjoying morning breeze

Yup, cloud patterns. They are so cute. Now I feel like i have wings to walk with the cute clouds.
Besides, I like the blue color. Think this stuff make my skin being more white than before. Lol.

Few days ago, i was surprised cause of the kiss emote clutch from Two Sides Of Me Kinda the cutest one! <3

dont you think blue and red are complementary?

"Hang your ambition to the skies because God will embrace your dreams". Have you ever hear this quote? Yes. Its from Ikal's quote on Edensor-Laskar Pelangi movie. Cause of this quote, everytime I look at the skies, my spirit come :)

Well, enjoy my cloud!

Cloud Dress - Collection by Ast
Necklace - H&M
Clutch - Two Sides Of Me
Cloud Wedges - Iwearup

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  1. The dress and the wedges matching perfectly♥♥♥