Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sun Over The Heels

Lately I went to the train station, but i didn't go to anywhere, just took some pic at there :))
Unfortunately, the train station is not clean as i though before.

Yesterday I wore simple outfits. It was hot all along day. I hate the weather so much.
But baby, thank you to Lo Shop to give me Flare Netty Skirt with a special price! And also thank you for the LO Lose Tank. You are my moodbooster! I really really love it! Promise to will post it soon ;)

windy and flare! :)

shop at www.lo-shop.com
Dont you know, that almost one year i'm searching for people who sells the fish eye lens, sometimes i forgot to searching on the online shop, but mostly they are overprizes, it doesn't match with my wallet. Lol. And now i know the online shop which is selling with cheap price but still in a good quality, also can shipping world wide. Yes, its Gudang Lensa. She sells many things about lens, like eye fish lens, tong sis (long stick to help you easier to selfie) and many things. Check her out! ;)

Using Gudang Lensa with Iphone 4S
Well, thanks all, thank you for visitting and enjoy!

A Snake at my neck

Photographer Shirt - I Love Pink
Flare Netty Skirt - Lo Shop
Heels - Jeffrey Campbell


  1. such a great outfit. your heels look great


  2. Loving your soiree!