Thursday, 15 May 2014

Plaid Pattern Obsession #2

Choker by Hugo Princess & Plaid Mini Dress by Berlianas Boutique

Hi, I hope you are never get bored with my plaid outfits :)
Well today, i wanna show you my new plaid pattern mini dress. I super love it! Besides that, it made by high quality, wow! Lets say thanks to Berlianas Boutique <3
I dont have big brave to wear any mini dress, so I wear my old tight.
on the last post I worn mint Lita Boots, now i choose maroon Lita Boots. I never get enough of Lita Boots, do you?
I dont have to speak so much today, because tomorrow I will go to Jakarta and stay there until my Prajab (also with little vacation after it) end. Wish me have a great day! *cross finger* ><

Flopy Hat - JRep
Mini Plaid Dress - Berlianas Boutique
Choker - Hugo Princess
Lita Boots - June and Julia


  1. Cool look! it very unique. Hello Dear!I really like you blog I'm a new follower on GFC and I'd love it if you followed back :) Looking forward to future posts!

  2. I am so loving this! Enjoy the day! :)

    I AM ALSO ON: Instagram @kennydaily, Bloglovin and Facebook (i follow back, just let me know your links)

    What Kenny Hearts a Fashion Blog

  3. Love the dress so much and the bag ! :) x


  4. everything looks match head to toe!
    OMG OMG! I have the same glasses like you worn here :p

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  5. Cool style :D

  6. Keren sis.. :)
    I'm following you now on gfc. Hope you can follow back mine :D

  7. stunning as always ci wen <3

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