Monday, 14 July 2014

Turn Back The Time -GIVEAWAY INSIDE-

As my promise, today i wanna tell you about what i did around a month ago, the reason why i suddenly stop blogging or active on any social media.
Last year, i accepted as one of aparatur negara or you always called 'civil servant' in Badan Pertanahan Nasional. Finally, i know its not the last but its just the beggining in my life. I should move to another office which is far away from my parent's house, adaptation again, and start from zero to reach people's trust. its not easy, but im pretty sure can do it.

on 17-22 May we had a debriefing on Rindam Jaya, Jakarta. Well, if i told you that during that time we never change our clothes, can you trust me? Lol. I know, when you read these you will say 'yaik!', 'how dirty!' or anything else. But if you were we, you will never say that, thats the power of conditional. Your body or your ego will follow the rule of the place where you live. Its fun to reach our goal with the person we dont know before but we have one purpose. On that day we learn many things like Pelajaran Baris Berbaris, Bela Diri Militer, Kepemimpinan and etc. The teacher of course from Army. There isn't bullying. They know how to teach the beginner.

On 23 May-1- June, we move to PPMKP, Ciawi, based on Bogor. We learn kepribadian and pengetahuan about office and system of country. I think in here was harder than Rindam Jaya. Why? Cause the disipline, creative and Brave are have point. If your point can't reach 70 so you will failed, and should try again next year. What will if next year fail too? You will out from civil servant. So, we need to take serious. As you know, im not a type of serious person. Thats why i dont really like this place. But thank you to my classmate that always gives me a lot of joke, you guys help me a lot! :)

After graduated from PPMKP i enjoy my vacation with Angel, my parter in crime. Lol. The first, we went to Jogja and met our old friends. They brought us to Raminten-I really curious about this one-. As my friend always said, in Raminten there's many of sissy boy, and its true. Lol. Then, Angel order a cup of hot milk. Here's the picture! :D

Bukit Bintang

Tugu Yogya

of course if go to Yogyakarta dont forget spend your time to see the beauty of Prambanan temple and Borobudur template. This time we only can visit Prambanan temple. Oh btw, me wearing Number 61 shirt.Yes yes, its time to Giveaway! To win this shirt like i worn, follow this simple rule: you MUST follow @61clothing also my account @invisiblewenn on Instagram. Pssstt, if you like @61clothing 's photos, you will add your point to win! Good luck!

Hello, my ex school!

It was a long time, the left grafiti is made by me :)

Well, i think enough. See you next post about my vacay :)

Sunglasses - eugenia_id
T-Shirt - Number61
Necklace - Forever 21


  1. You look fantastic! Love your chic combo ;)
    That hat is so cool...lovely inspiring style!

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  3. awesome outfit and great trip! ;)

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