Thursday, 9 October 2014

Late Tennis Girl

Hello! Just back to Palembang again and feel so tired. Tomorrow will attend first gathering Palvidgram. Whats Palvidgram? Dont ask and click here. Lets get ton of laugh! 

Okay, here's my new look. Seems like a tennis girl, rite? :3
Aww i feel younger. Lol. In fact i bought this one pair of clothes at Grinitty about a year ago, and now i can wear and take an OOTD pic. Of course its really matchy with my hairclip ponytail by We Got Style and blue necklace from Molli.

Actually i love wearing hairclip, but lately i seldom to wear it. I have many colors of big layer hair clip. Well, when i wore it, i feel my hair's so big and fucking heavy. i cant stand it for a long time. I can wear for 3-5 hours/day. But, when i wear this hairclip ponytail, i dont feel any suck pain. You must try it! Big recommended for your bad hair day! Wanna try? Go grab at We Got Style.

I'm a big fans of necklace. So when Molli offered me to get one of their collection, im so bless. You know, i got a big problem to choose, all of them are too cutee! Plus, i love the owner so much, she's such a kind hearted person. Sometimes, behind the reason why girl wanna buy is because they feel trust and feel comfortable with the seller.

Hairclip - We Got Sytle
Necklace - Molli
Top And Skirt - Grinitty
Bag - Chanel
Boots - Graciaz


  1. I love two pieces!! I follow u right now
    Love it

  2. fabulous outfit! you look stunning! :)

    xoxo, rae

  3. How cute!
    That blue hair clips too, my favorites color!

  4. KAKKK ! omgg I really like this outfit ! I love everything !


  5. Nice boots! Love it! lovely outfit

    Adhi Wahyudi

  6. This is such a cute outfit! You're so pretty!

  7. You look gorgeous in your outfit Wenny!

    Visit my blog:

  8. Hi dear.. you look beautiful in that dress.. if you go abroad, I'm sure u will get 'bule' there.. wkkww :D ur face will attract 'bule' well. :D LOL

  9. Holy crap that outfit is gorgeous - you have such flawless style!

    Also, I tagged you for the The Liebster Award over at my blog, if you want to check it out :3


  10. Love your boy bag & thanks for stopping by!


  11. Hi hun, lovely outfit, the set look stunning on You and Love it your cute heels <3

  12. What a lovely and feminine outfit! I adore you hair as well, the hairclip looks great in combination with this look!

    Much love xxx

  13. OHH!! We're matching the theme for our outfits~!
    Tennis gals are so cute!!<3333

    P.s : kalo abis dari palembang, coba lah mampir ke lampung trus kita meet up (yay!!)

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!