Sunday, 1 February 2015

Addicted to Instagram

Finally Mejikom t-shirt ready to wear! we're so excited to make more funny video on instagram. Check it out @mejikom to watch and get laugh!
Btw, feels so different with me today? Yasss, me wearing blue softlens! Actually i didnt fit with the blue eyes, i guess. But i try to wear it since i saw Aiines sho good wear the blue softlens! Big thanks to Weekly Outfit for the three tones softlens -blue, brown and black-

Well, since the Antwerp NYX lipcream so happening in Palembang, i try it tho. Guess what, now i know why a lot people adore this color. So natural! It will be my fav from now on! Anyway, i got it from Takena Makeup. Pssstt, she sell it with affordable price!

Hat - Somewhere in Bali
Softlens - Weekly Outfit
Lip Cream - Takena Makeup
Top - Mejikom
Necklace - Massicot
Dress - JRep
Bag - Guess
Shoes - Decimal Shoes


  1. Beautiful!
    I saw one of the video featuring you at Mejikom, and I'm was laugh out loud!
    Keep good work with Mejikom kak!

  2. hallo wenny, menurut aku kamu cocok2 aja deh pake warna biru. cuma karena warna rambutnya aja kali yah jadi keliatan contrast. btw sukaa sama outfit kamu di sini. pilihan warnanya pas <3 <3

    salam kenal yaaa :D

  3. Is that your natural eye colour??? It's crazy pretty c;

    Little Moon Elephant

  4. Amazing <3

  5. curang bgt.. ini pasti keliatan cakep gara2 pake baju mejikom nih :p

  6. nice!
    follow to follow?