Saturday, 23 May 2015

Revlon and Me.

This is my first time to review about make up, since from the beginning i post about fashion.
Anyway i always wear eye-liner. Feels like naked without eye liner and lipstick.
Getting tired of black eyeliner? You must try it, girls!
New product of eyeliner from revlon, Colorstays! Revlon surely know what woman need.

Well, i love the simple make up, so this time i wear the purple eye-liner and then i put my black eye liner above my eyes. Remember, the black one must be thin-line. Scroll down for the results!

Big thanks to Eska Beauty to send me this pwetty Tenun Skirt!



Cant resist the cuteness of my strawberry rolls! you can get 'em on @Smileshoppe_

Last, good nite, Peeps! ready to catch all the good dream with new pajamas that i got from I Love Fraternite 

wierd pose :p

My second look wearing Colorstay from Revlon. I use the green eyeliner without using the black eyeliner. Such a heavy eye-liner. Sho eye catching!

Make Up - Revlon
Pillow - Lapaloma
Tenun Skirt - Eska Beauty
Strawberry Roll - Smileshoppe_


  1. You look so gorgeous in your outfits and so cute in your makeup!
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  2. Colorful outfit!