Friday, 19 June 2015

Act Like a Lady.

Happy fasting for all moslem in the world!
Today is sunny day just like another day. Thats why i always wear mini skirt.
Oh anyway, i wear another collections of Polette. This one is so feminime!

One day, one of Online Shop in Instagram named Smile Shoppe sent me this Nose Up. I think she notice my pug nose >,<

Well, get your korean mask at Yawei 1

Glasses - Polette
Earrings - Glanz Jewelery
Crop Top - The Mosch
Skirt - Color Box
Heels - Icon Ninety9


  1. Love your hair as well as that sweatshirt

  2. you look so gorgeous <33
    adore your hair and skirt :D

    cheer, michelle ~