Thursday, 16 July 2015

Color of Barbie

You know, i never say no to ombre. My friend from senior high school open online store named Twinee Store (on instagram), she sells a lot of ombre shirts. I always looking for the great online store which sells ombre shirt with great quality of shirt also the color must be great (sometimes i got disappointed cause the picture too different from the real one). But is the only exception!

Anyway, do pink and purple remind you of barbie? :)
To reach the Barbie Look, i addded barbie's-heels-necklace, floppy hat, butterfly heels and the last but the important is Polette sunnies! Everytime i receive package from Polette, i said 'Gosh, this one will be my fav!'. Hehe.

Floppy Hat - JRep
Sunnies - Polette
Ombre Shirt - Twinee Store
Bag - I Love Pink

Text/WA: 087795557237
BBM: 29A0D8E6

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  1. Aaaa~ you look so gorgeously stunning <33

    cheer, michelle ~